I do not have insurance, Dr Kazi helped me save a big portion of my bill, which included blood tests, EKG, heart rate monitors and office visits. Dr Kazi always spends a lot of time with me to make sure all my questions are answered. Kudos for the excellent service!!

Xue X.,

I wanted to run so bad on the treadmill. I really enjoyed my visit, thsmk you.

Nikeem C.,

Terrific experience, the staff is exceptional. This is the cardiology Doctors office you will appreciate. Dr. Kazi is very polite and professional!

J C.,

I am so lucky to get help from Dr. Kazi. She spends ample amount of time to asnwer all my questions and even provide bonus infirmation for future reference. She never brush off any question or convern, even when it seems minor. Super smart, patient, friendly doctor. Jen is very helpful and fun as well. I wish there are more Dr. Kazis and Jens in the world.

Fei X.,